Top IT Brand- Tushar Sighat Executive Director & CEO, D-Link (India) Ltd
Top IT Brand- Tushar Sighat Executive Director & CEO, D-Link (India) Ltd

The Game Plan

Over the years, with technology having played a crucial role in influencing purchase decision, customer’s buying trend has undergone a sea change. While the market size is humongous, brands need to ensure that they establish a firm relationship with the consumer and create a loyal customer base. Marketing plays a crucial role in reaching out to the target audience, creating product awareness, building brand royalty and retaining customers. So while technology is decisive in influencing customer’s buying habits, it also acts as an enabler in establishing a strong customer relationship.

D-Link realizes the importance of a sound and effective customer engagement strategy. With its marketing campaigns, it seeks to extend its innovative networking solution to the masses as well as business enterprises, and help differentiate the brand positioning, basis the product and service offerings.

Emergence of the Digital Era

Government’s Digital India and Smart City initiatives are driving technology adoption drive. Considering India’s geographical diversity and population strength, the scope for broadband adoption is huge. Also, the recent Railway budget is a testament to the role of technology in the nation-building process, with separate funds being allocated for digitization of railways across the country. All this has opened up a new avenue for the networking segment.

Overall, the current socio-economic and political scenario is highly favourable for the proliferation of technology in the country. With a large population of aspirational young Indians driving the country towards progress, technology is the inevitable factor that is helping weave the incredible growth story for the country. The e-commerce boom, inspiring start-up success stories with technology as a major enabler has set the ball rolling.
The past thirty years have placed D-Link firmly within the forces shaping the wireless industry. It has turned its passion to innovate its solutions – like its Connected Home range and high-performance networking kits that improve the lives of people. Taking the legacy forward, D-Link shall continue with its “Passion to Innovate” into 2016 and beyond.

In the thirtieth year, D-Link celebrates its “Passion to Innovate” by bringing in more innovative networking products and playing to its strengths of heritage, anticipating future trends and meeting customer’s needs. In the years to come, D-Link will lead the networking industry with innovative products that will provide high-performance and cost-effective products to deliver better connectivity, security, efficiency and cost savings solutions for both homes and offices. It has always been its endeavour to deliver the latest in networking innovation with the best of service support, so that its customers can truly experience technology at its best.

The Differentiator

D-Link’s unique positing and brand reliability has helped D-Link retain the No. 1 spot in the wireless domain. It is the spirit of “Innovation” that has led to introduction of products that provide high-performance and cost-effective solutions to deliver better connectivity, security, efficiency, and cost savings for both home and office. With innovation as its core mantra, D-Link’s R&D team globally ensures that all its products are based on global standards and are user-friendly so that everyone can realize the benefits of technology. At D-Link, it is its goal to nurture a truly customer-focussed culture by providing service with a personal touch, regardless of whether the customer is an individual or a large corporation.product-d-link