top it brand - Shibu Paul Regional Sales Director – India, ME & SEA - Array Networks
top it brand - Shibu Paul Regional Sales Director – India, ME & SEA - Array Networks

Emergence of the Digi-Era

India’s growing working population is one of the key imperatives that will drive the job market in the Asia-Pacific region. Very soon, there is going to be a one billion workforce, with almost 60% population residing in rural areas. We would need to provide jobs and opportunities for this young workforce. Digital India is a platform that can carve innovative solutions and many of them could be driven out of rural areas keeping in mind the challenges in these regions. India is now the second-largest nation with smartphone users and hence immense opportunities are waiting for the younger generation to create content and solutions that could be helpful in transforming the nation.
The Game Plan

With digitization, the demand for content-oriented solutions, connectivity and security will garner most of the opportunities.
• Content: Local content will be a key driver here as the number of smartphone users is increasing rapidly and so is the demand for good local content. It could be in the form of information, education, health services and government services, to name a few.
• Connectivity: Having apps and content without last-mile connectivity is like having a premium car without roads. The present situation indicates towards a huge opportunity for companies to offer multiple modes of connectivity and application optimization.
• Application Security: Various apps are being used to share critical data and financial information of users. These apps can be easily accessed over multiple devices and locations, thus increasing potential for security threats. Therefore, App Security will become much more complex and critical.

Application Availability: Array Networks offers services that comply with complete fulfilment and application availability, which is a major business need. All its products help customers ensure availability along with performance.
• Application Security: Security is becoming a major concern for organizations, and today most of the security breaches are reported on application-based platforms. Hence, there is a huge requirement for WAF and other application security solutions.
• Rural Branch Optimization: Rural areas are still not well connected and rural branches/banks have to rely on low bandwidths. With most of the applications getting onto the web and cloud, rural areas will require advanced WAN optimization technologies to work with minimal resource requirements. Array Networks is committed to providing the best solutions to contribute in India’s growth story.

Trends to watch for

Digitization will help India in setting major goals for the world and in moving towards a technology-oriented era. The major trends to look out for –

• Cloud, IaaS, SaaS services will see a huge growth as more entrepreneurs will be inclined to venture into app development, content creation, etc.
• SMEs will also be forced to look at security concerns more seriously and hence managed security services will find good growth.
• Social Media marketing & sales will become a new way to reach out to customers. Every organization is now conscious of their social presence and they are working hard on how it could be leveraged for business.