top it brand Sridharan Mani Director & CEO, American Megatrends India
top it brand Sridharan Mani Director & CEO, American Megatrends India

The Game Plan
The role of marketing in any organization has taken a lead edge in taking across the products and solutions to the market space in a much defined and timely manner to reach to the right audience. Marketing strategies evolve around data analytics and in the phase of the global economic scenario the organization takes an integrated approach towards marketing strategy to fulfil customer’s expectations and reduce the vendor customer business touch point gaps.
The go-to-market strategy of a brand is all about how the brand is getting built keeping in pace with the latest technologies and digital empowerment happening. The most important factor is how you are able to be a forerunner and technology leader in the future technologies which will shape the brand. In the phase of most happening technology trends, the challenge for marketing is to maintain the price points balancing profitability. AMI takes an integrated approach towards branding perspective continuing to offer most value, to make a better impact on the targeted market and to make a better brand differentiation.

Going with the caption that says “invent future”, AMI feels proud to be a part of the every computing technology built around by providing technology to almost all the computer manufacturers in the world. It strategizes the innovative products/solutions keeping in mind the future of the global technologies. It has been the innovators in the latest solutions that AMI has developed for the healthcare industry, BIOS and Embedded solution, computing and storage technology. Enterprise businesses are looking to reduce the Opex and provide better performance without sacrificing data protection and security.

Emergence of the Digi-Era

Digitization brings in opportunities for data storage in varying needs like performance, protection, archival, etc. The recently generated data would require performance-based solutions, whereas historical data needs to be archived in capacity-driven storage. American Megatrends with a gamut of products and solutions from performance-driven All Flash/Hybrid IP SAN arrays to space saving entry/midrange arrays based on rotating drives, offers benefits of storage consolidation, performance, protection, availability, reliability, scalability and many more. It will open up for IoT opportunities and this will change the way companies will operate business in the near future. Digitization brings in abundant opportunities anywhere and everywhere, from software application development, hardware requirement, storage requirement, telecom opportunities, etc. It will augment the growth of all segments from Biotech, IT, healthcare, etc, covering all segments.
The demand for data storage is ever increasing as volumes of data is created on a daily basis by enterprises. One of the major challenges is storage for the virtualized infrastructure, which requires best-in-class performance. StorTrends 3500i and 3600i arrays with All Flash / Hybrid capabilities are tailored to meet the demanding performance, data protection and reliability needs of today’s virtualized environments.

The other challenge would be eliminating the duplicate data and thereby reducing the footprint of the organization wide data. StorTrends 3600i series just addresses that by having in-line deduplication and compression on an All Flash architecture, which eliminates the traditional bottlenecks associated with spinning drives.

The Differentiator

AMI is unique in its broad expertise from firmware development to enterprise-class network and storage management tools. It has a well-established R&D team working in all its solution groups and has brought in more than 300+ technology patents so far. The company invests a significant amount of money, time and effort in R&D labs and it innovates latest technologies for OEM and end-customer space.