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Top IT Brand 2016-Nucleus Software Exports Limited
Top IT Brand 2016-Nucleus Software Exports Limited

The Game Plan

Marketing is all about understanding the customer’s needs and ensuring that the company’s products meet those needs. It is fundamental to success and plays a vital role in shaping a business strategy. Nucleus Software has been constantly tuning the marketing strategy to take changing market conditions and customer’s needs into account. The company believes that reaching the right target audience at the right time and with the right marketing message is crucial to facilitating sustained growth and driving new customer acquisition. In the age of digitization, digital marketing is one of the most effective ways to reach customers. Though traditional marketing tools are still relevant, being digitally present has increased the reach while delivering improvements in ability to measure effectiveness.
Nucleus Software has been in business for three decades and currently supports 150 of the world’s most innovative banks and financial service firms in 50 countries. The tremendous business value that it has delivered to customers over the years is a core part of messaging and positioning. This has essentially taken forward the organizational objective of helping banks and financial institutions shape the future of finance by leveraging technology to provide a relentless focus on their customer’s needs. Marketing at Nucleus Software helps in translating the business strategy into real action on ground creatively.

Emergence of the Digi-Era

Digitization is completely rewriting the way industries operate and has compelled them to accept and adopt the new-age technology with its advanced features and challenges. Currently, India is undergoing a complete digital transformation and the information technology industry is rapidly advancing to grab this opportunity. With the accelerated pace of innovation, this revolution is a great opportunity for businesses which target new customer acquisition with improved services and unique business proposition. The company is witnessing a continued increase in the demand for advanced technology as companies across industries are looking to IT companies to help them drive business transformation powered by new technologies. Nucleus Software has introduced solutions to leverage this demand. For example, its comprehensive mobility solutions for lending and transaction banking help customers work across geographical boundaries. Hence, as the country is moving towards digitalization, it is bringing more opportunities for businesses to go global.

Nucleus Software operates in the banking and financial services sector which is undergoing a huge shift caused by digital technologies. This is being driven by both an evolving business landscape and changes in customer’s behaviour. The recent success of FinTech companies globally has set in motion a new trend of looking at technology as a key business enabler. Not only has this triggered the setting up of new companies but it has also forced the traditional players to make a faster move towards digital. This is an interesting juncture for the company as it has been at the forefront, helping customers undergo this digital transformation seamlessly. By going digital, the company has enabled its customers to take their services beyond the walls of their set-up for broader growth.