Netgear Technologies India

Top IT Brand 2016- Netgear Technologies India Pvt Ltd
Top IT Brand 2016- Netgear Technologies India Pvt Ltd

The Game Plan

Netgear believes that marketing is central to every business strategy, especially for technological products. In the technology business, companies operate in a constantly-changing environment, where new products and technologies are constantly introduced. Providing information and attracting customers and partners is what keeps the business going and in this marketing plays a central role in communicating technological changes as well as keeping customers interested in the brand. Netgear’s strategy is to give as much information to customers and partners so that they can make an informed choice.

The company believes in adding more value to its products in terms of technological relevance, quality and reliability and its brand stands for it. It has positioned itself as global innovators from Silicon Valley who are focussed on developing world-class connective infrastructure for SMBs and homes and it wants to provide the best price to performance on its products.

Emergence of the Digi-Era

India has a significant digital divide and the opportunity in digitalization of the country comes from two angles. Firstly, from empowering and connecting those who are not connected today through broadband, 3G/4G, or even using government data networks. The other comes from the demand for quality connectivity products like high-speed routers, switches, storage devices and wireless access points, from those who are already connected. Netgear believes that India will continue to grow in both these directions in the years to come.

The biggest opportunity is to keep pace with global advancement in connective storage and security, with improving content and demand for higher bandwidth driven by heavier content. Future growth will be driven by sales of faster infrastructure equipment and better price to performance of storage system.

Technology is fast moving towards high-speed switching networks, inexpensive storage, reliable and fast wireless infrastructure – all delivering seamless cloud content. Netgear’s innovation is around providing the best customer experience with innovative products. For example, the networking major has the world’s first wire free surveillance camera which records on the cloud.

However, the Government needs to invest in a faster and more robust communication backbone to facilitate connectivity of more and more citizens. The broadband and telecom infrastructure in India also needs to improve significantly. Faster urbanization would demand a lot from the public networks and India needs a better planned infrastructure.

The Differentiator

NETGEAR believes in customized high technology and also adapting it for the masses. All of its development and product design is aimed at customized products for SMB and home segments.