The Game Plan

Marketing has always played an indispensable role as far as structuring a company’s go-to-market strategy is concerned and Trend Micro upholds this tenet to its tee. In its very DNA, Trend Micro believes that marketing strategies are all about unearthing the unknown inevitabilities of the target audience and delivering value to them which they would cherish for long, and with every purchase. Its significance can be gauged from the basic fact that marketing helps you to identify hidden customer requirements. Moreover, it also helps organizations to establish their capabilities and then promote those very capabilities in the targeted market.

The marketing blueprint is usually drawn up by a specific department within an organization, which comes with its own share of advantages and disadvantages. The good part about having such a department is that it unifies a number of talented marketing professionals to take on the task at hand and the flipside is, marketing should not ideally be handled by one department in silo but instead all departments in harmony.

As one of its best practices, Trend Micro promotes a collaborative culture to ensure that each and every department within the organization works conjunctively towards achieving the common objectives set by the company.

Another crucial aspect is the right positioning of brands in today’s immensely competitive market landscape where there is a thin line existing between positioning and being a “me-too”.

Emergence of the Digi-Era

In this era of digitization, positioning your brand the right way can win you the right customers in a jiffy, apart from helping you to engage with them on real time basis. Conversations always help to rightfully ascertain the expectations of your target user and also collect their feedback. As such, it helps brands to make necessary arrangements to cater to their customers in a better manner. Customer is the king! Always.

Looking at it from a long term perspective, India continues to be the fastest growing economy just behind China and given such a dynamic scenario it is but natural for Trend Micro to see a plethora of opportunities in domains such as information technology, telecom, communication media and infrastructure. The company feels that given the current state of affairs, every sector has an opportunity ready to be tapped.

The Differentiator

Our strongest differentiator is our R&D ecosystem. TrendLabs is the headquarters for global technical support and R&D. Established in Philippines in 1998, TrendLabs now houses over 1,000-strong cloud security and anti-malware experts as well as support engineers; all deployed in round-the-clock operations to provide continuous after sales support to Trend Micro customers worldwide.

The organization is helmed by extensively-trained ace home-grown researchers with complete know how of global developments in the cyber threat segment and best-in-class tools and technology at their disposal.

TrendLabs is the backbone of the Trend Micro’s service infrastructure. TrendLabs guarantees Trend Micro customer, easy and hassle free data protection at lower cost while ensuring business continuity.