Smartlink Network Systems Ltd.

The Game Plan

With new brands entering the market every day, like any other company, branding and marketing is equally important to Smartlink. The company needs to educate its customers and help them understand that DIGISOL is the right choice for them and it is adept at providing every solution to their networking needs. Smartlink has right products at right price point.

DG-HR1070MS-Ver1BDIGISOL has well-conceived marketing strategies, coupled with a business framework that delivers value, quality and efficacy, which is instrumental to its success in the market. Integral to the business model, is a wide-spreading marketing and distribution network that ensures deeper market penetration.

The company wants to establish DIGISOL as an Indian brand. Getting Sonakshi Sinha on board as a brand ambassador of DIGISOL is part of its marketing strategy which will ultimately help the brand in getting consumer exposure. The company wanted to make sure that the channel knows the brand very well and they are confident to sell the products. It has seen almost 100-150 percent growth in that segment after the massive marketing and promotion activities.

DG-BG4300NU-Ver1CProviding best quality products is important, though imprinting the image of a brand on the minds of the customer is even more important, when viewed from a long term perspective. Though the channel has always been there and the company existed for over two decades, the brand DIGISOL is still young. To promote the brand, a lot of efforts are given in educating the channel community-partners, distributors, SIs, etc-because it is the channel partners who interact with the end customers, so they play a big role in building the brand. In the coming year, the main objective is to make the brand get established in the customers’ mind firmly, so that they will be able to recognize the DIGISOL brand in association with networking products, wireless products in particular.”

Its main focus is to position DIGISOL as a major brand in the mid-market segment. Once the partners are comfortable with the product range, quality, specs etc, the company wants to focus on brand awareness among the end customers. The company wants to position the brand as a value-for-money ‘Made in Indian brand.’

DG-WR3001N-Ver1AEmergence of the Digi-Era

Undoubtedly, Digital India is a very ambitious campaign that the government of India has embarked upon. The IT hardware manufacturing Industry will have a major role to play here with Digital India Initiatives announced by the Government. The 9 pillars under the Digital India initiative are going to be huge demand generator. Demand arising out of this initiative coupled with the existing demand in the domestic market is a huge opportunity for the domestic manufacturing industry.

The Differentiator

R&D to Smartlink is totally indispensable because it caters to IT, which is among the fastest changing industries in the world. So R& D is not only strategic or a means of moving up the value chain for Smartlink, but in-fact it is the very means of survival in today’s intense competition in the field of networking.