Making Computing Possible For Million Across the Globe

NComputing’s  game-changing  desktop  virtualization  platform and access devices have changed the economics of desktop virtualisation. NComputing simply frees users/organizations  from IT infrastructure management hassles while enabling them to save significantly on hardware acquisition cost, electricity, space and manpower.


NComputing solutions are unique because they include both the hardware and software. Its virtualization software allows one PC to act like many. The hardware allows users to connect their keyboards, monitors, mouse  and speakers to the shared computer. The piug-and-play solution enable organizations to go up and running  with the solution in no time at all.


NComputing is rapidly becoming the de-facto choice for governments, small and medium businesses, education and training institutions and many others, for expanding their IT infrastructure and computing power in the most cost-effective, secure and energy-efficient manner.



NComputing Products

Product for the vSpace Virtualisation Platform

        *                           vSpace Server

        *                   vSpace Client

         *                  vSpace Management Center

Thin Clients

         *                  L-series for vSpace

        *                  M- series for vSpace

        *                  X- series for vSpace

Products for Citrix Environments

         *                  N-series HDX Ready SoC Thin Clients

        *                  vSpace Management Center




Go Green with NComputing




Did You Know?

  •      If you use NComputing systems at a ratio of six NComputing devices to each PC
  •          Energy usage would decline by over 120 billion kilowatt-hours per year.
  •         CO2 emissions would decrease by 96 million metric tons. That’s like planting 460 million trees!
  •          E-waste would reduce by 6.7 million metric tons.





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