The Game Plan

In this increasingly crowded marketplace, TP-LINK is bringing in technology and innovation, creative ideas for marketing as well as advertising in order to get in front of key decision makers and win more businesses.

The brands that continually kill their competition are those who understand that strategic brand goes much deeper than traditional marketing techniques. Consumer buying habits, behaviour and thinking towards products keeps on evolving and TP-Link’s strategy is to be aligned with market or consumer sentiments but remain intact with its prime factors such as quality and affordability.
TP-LINK has products for different categories of customers. Recently it launched Talon AD7200 & Archer MR200 that are game changers and are redefining technology for urban population and Archer C50 for rural population who are in search of better livelihood and better lifestyles.

Emergence of the Digi-Era

Digitization has made a significant impact in recent years – racks of documents and piles of files have been replaced with zettabytes of data stored in the servers of data warehouses. Trends such as the growing use of BYODs and social media networks are generating a significant amount of data both structured and unstructured.

Digitization goes beyond connectivity and gives the ability to secure & act on data, and deliver value based on that data. It is also rewriting the rules of competition, with incapable companies most at risk of being left behind. Making the right connections opens new doors to digital business success and hence most of businesses are adopting new trends that address strategic challenge posed by the digital revolution.

Now there is need is implementation of ‘smart policies’ to govern this sector; policies which enables real impact to consumer market & business models to sustainably deploy these technology innovations and generate revenues.
Digitization is a vast cyber world of opportunities, and TP-LINK’s approaches are broad and deep for the same. Recently brand has made many tie-ups which has increased TP-LINK’s footprint across consumer market, partners, industry segments and geographies.

The Differentiator

TP-LINK is fully committed to develop its products, services and consumer relations through extensive R&D, strict quality assurance practices and effective outreach initiatives. Customer loyalty through interaction, focus and feedback are policies that help form the TP-LINK culture, as well as a commitment to achieve, and a dedication to innovate.

Through technological advancements and the power of imagination, TP-LINK is continuing to grow, endlessly striving to achieve their goal of becoming one of the top 3 networking providers in the world. While continuing to develop their global market share, TP-LINK will never cease to promote opportunities to further advance through the world of networking and innovation.