Top IT Brand - LK Pathak VP, Marketing & Corporate Communications Elitecore Technologies
Top IT Brand - LK Pathak VP, Marketing & Corporate Communications Elitecore Technologies

The Idea Plan

Marketing Strategy is intimately tied with strategic planning that combines overall marketing and business goals into one comprehensive plan. Below are the key components of a successful Marketing Strategy:

1. Identify your business goals based on Smart Method
· Specific – state clearly what you want to achieve
· Measurable – set tangible measures goals to measure your results
· Achievable – set objectives that are within your capacity and budget
· Relevant – set objectives relevant to your business
· Time-bound – set objectives you can achieve within a time frame
2. State your marketing goals – i.e. increase market reach in existing customer base, new market development, increase visibility
3. Research your market – Geography, Demography, Political Conditions, Economic factors etc
4. Profile your target audience
5. Study your Competitors
6. Get your 7Ps of marketing mix right: product, price, promotion, place, people, process and physical evidence
The Wow Factor
Delighting a telecom customer is one of the most difficult task for any operator. Focusing on customer experience can enable operators to respond more effectively to customer requirements, build customer loyalty, and create a stronger value perception resulting in long term profitability. Here are a few tactics which will help to create a Wow Factor with the help of technology: Personalized Offerings & Greetings, Right offers at the right time, Self Care Mobile App, Omni-channel Customer Care, Innovative cost competent offerings.

Emergence of the Digital-Era

Changing role of IT has led to host of new business opportunities:

Mobile App – Interactive Mobile Self Care App with real time service activation enables customers to subscribe to new plans and offers a personalized user experience. It allows subscriber to access, manage and configure plans or services from anywhere from any device, which helps in cross-sell and up-sell and helps reduce congestion on customer support, resulting in a win-win situation.
IP Technology – IP Communication has brought the world closer than ever before. You can make international calls at local rates, which has been a boon for a lot of IT Centric companies.
Sales Force Management – It keeps the sales team connected and also assists in Lead and Partner Management
CRM – With customers at the centre of every step it is imperative for all the companies to invest in Customer Relationship Management which helps to win and retain customers based on personalisation.
Trends to watch out for
Smart City, IoT/M2M, Digital Transformation, Adoption of 4G are a few trends, where the work has already started on ground and will remain in vogue for coming years.