Essence of Branding

 Essence of Branding


The extent to which a consumer is able to identify a brand by just by viewing the product or service’s visual signifiers like logos and its other attributes.  To build brand recognition is of utmost importance for every organization upon which it is incumbent to provide consumers with a consistent visual or auditory learning experience. Brand recognition can be differentiated from brand awareness, which purports to mean that the consumer is in the know of the existence of a particular brand.


A brand could be anything:  a product, service, or concept that can be publicly distinguished from other. Added to this there should be no hiatus when it comes to the easy communication of the product which is also usually marketed. Branding, which can be applied to the entire corporate identity of your company as well as to individual product and service, is the process of creating and disseminating the brand name.


Essential to protect the Brand:


Of late brand protection has become an integral part of corporate strategy. An authorized government agency (Trade Mark authority) gives you a trademark which protects your brand. You have to make sure that before applying for a trademark, no one has already secured trademark for your name. Apart from searching yourself, you can also hire a law firm that has the expertise in doing trademark searches and managing the application process.


A classic case of brand application is the hugely successful “Intel Inside" marketing campaign in the form of a label which is given to the manufacturers that use Intel’s microchips in computers. This is now done in the case of smartphones.


Consumer’s awareness of a company’s brand is usually used as a factor in the evaluation of a company. Originations often hire market research agencies to study public recognition of brand names as well as attitudes toward the brands.


Brand Recognition:


Benefits of the branding to the businesses are obvious. Branding enhances product or service exposure to the public, markets new products and services, and makes the public aware of the core competencies of each organization. 


Enterprises and organizations also use co-branding to aim specific markets with advertising in the form of logos, banner ads or links in descriptive text. This goes a long way in increasing the possibility of a scenario where potential buyers will learn of the existence of a particular organization, brand, company product, or service.


Brand is all compassing. It involves everything from customer perception and experience to quality, look and feel, customer care, retail and web environments, the tone and voice of communications, and more.



Branding and Building:


Branding the brand takes a whole lot of time and it can be done overnight, it probably takes millions of Dollars, where building the brand need a couple of thousand Dollars. The question is an effective branding is a process where a creative brief is used to keep everyone focused as the project goes on to progress further. It include particular sections for target markets, objectives, budget and resources, situation analysis, time -frame, point person, approval structure, known parameters, stakeholders and metrics for assessing results.


The role of a branding consultant is vital. You run the risk of finding yourself between the devil and deep sea if you refuse to hire a branding consultant.


Essence of branding is you must put yourself in a customer’s shoes.