Vipin Tyagi, ED, CDOT

Vipin Tyagi, CDOT

Vipin Tyagi

To fulfil the Prime Minister’s dream of “Smart Cities” and “Braodband Highways” in the nation, C-DOT has geared up itself to dedicate its technologies. It has indigenously developed “Terabit Router” and “100G OTN (Optical Transport Network) Platform” which stands as a testimony to C-DOT’s zealous preparedness for playing a vital role in the esteemed missions of the Govt. Moreover, launched on the occasion of “Good Governance Day”, C-DOT has dedicated “GyanSetu” to the nation. It is a web based platform offering the users the desired and targeted information in multi-lingual text, audio and video formats, thus enabling the semi-literates, illiterates and even the specially-abled avail the huge benefits of Internet, spurring the socio-economic growth and promoting the entrepreneurship in rural areas.