Centre for Development of Telematics

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The Game Plan

Being a knowledge firm in the telecommunication sector, C-DOT’s role is to ensure that the most advanced technologies are available in the country and, above all get manufactured in the country. It wants to bring some basic capabilities to the country and participate in the knowledge creation for India, in an Indian way. In a great intellectual and a multidimensional society, the need of the hour is to bring the deep intellect to the forefront by increasing participation of people from every quarters of this society. This simply means that the Indian content can be created, and consumed, distributed, respected, made available and used. It is just that the network for the people needs to be increased, more specifically for them who are totally away from the digital highway.
C-DOT is working to provide access to these people who are not able to benefit from the available technology to all such content without any language barrier. It has the product called Gyansetu that tries to bridge this gap by providing advanced yet simplified applications that can interact with the rural population, in a way comfortable to them. The possible services are e-governance, e-market, e-Services, Railway Status Inquiry, e-education, etc and is available in all the Indian local languages involving less or no intermediary support. This is, indeed, total empowerment.
The country is linked with the global trend. The one single trend which is picking up globally is that the amount of data consumption is increasing. And this increase is extraordinary; videos are shared all across; social media is coming along; people are able to utilize services in real time; and the entire nation is becoming a better connected society. The telecommunications network is now becoming data oriented. The other trend which is coming along is that the data is consumed more by the youth. And the youth is impulsive, impatient, interacting, and also wanting things in “now and my way”. Looking at these trends in technology, C-DOT wishes to look forward in order to create the network.
C-DOT has a lot of intellectual and technical capabilities. All hardware and software is designed in India. World-class standards are being followed. C-DOT has thus, covered the large part of the ecology, starting from the design of hardware, software to integration and testing. C-DOT also has some success in domain networking, where about 2, 50,000 Panchayats will have the C-DOT technology. It has developed technologies in optical communications, Next-Generation Networks, Wireless Broadband, Software Applications, and Network Management, thus providing a complete bouquet of technologies to the telecom ecosystem.
The Road ahead…
C-DOT sees a good amount of interaction at this point of time in the government sector. Also, the Wi-Fi system that C-DOT has designed to make smart and Wi-Fi-enabled cities is also finding good acceptability. As far as technology is concerned, it is the lesser issue. The bigger issue will be the cost, which is a very important factor in any developing economy. It is now even more important for the country to engage beyond the manufacturers, including small companies and system integrators.