BlackBerry enhances its security solution for Salesforce

BlackBerry enhances its security solution for Salesforce
BlackBerry enhances its security solution for Salesforce

BlackBerry has announced WatchDox by BlackBerry Email Protector, an entirely new offering that provides businesses with the means of automatically controlling and securing files sent through email by embedding file-level DRM protection, even after they leave the organization’s firewall. In addition, WatchDox File Sync and Share integration will be available for and Microsoft Office Online.

“WatchDox protects the new borderless enterprise by delivering not only the most secure EFSS File Sync and Share solutions but enhanced integration with and the new BlackBerry Email Protector. The risk of data loss is significantly minimized by encrypting and enforcing DRM protection at the file-level when users are viewing, editing and annotating synced documents, no matter on which side of the firewall those documents travel,” said Billy Ho, Executive Vice-President, Enterprise Product and Value Added Solutions, BlackBerry.

Email Protector leverages the highly regarded WatchDox platform to automatically apply DRM protection to email attachments sent through an organization’s email gateway based on controllable policies such as recipient or file type. Administrators can protect or exempt specific file types, users or entire domains. In addition, Email Protector places attached files into an IT-controlled WatchDox repository and replaces the file with a download link in the original email. This provides unmatched security with a seamless user experience. Email Protector also integrates with email Data Loss Prevention (DLP) solutions to enforce file-level security based on DLP security policies. If the DLP system identifies an email with sensitive business information, WatchDox will embed DRM security into the attachment before it leaves the firewall.

As one of the most used SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) applications and a system of record, increasing amounts of data are now contained within Salesforce. This includes very sensitive information about the company’s business, including leads, contacts, and sales opportunities as well as other insights into the operations. Companies working with Salesforce can take full advantage of WatchDox storage, sharing, collaboration and customizable document security features, directly from within By using WatchDox to store and share files specific to Salesforce records, organizations can apply policies to avoid costly data loss. Access controls are completely customizable and intuitive and files can be set to expire, or be revoked at any time.

WatchDox by BlackBerry is a modern, highly secure file management platform that enables effortless, multi-OS synchronization and sharing. The solutions limit the risk for data loss or theft by embedding Digital Rights Management (DRM) security into each individual file, so content remains secure and within IT’s control, even after it is downloaded and shared outside of an organization. Users can easily access, sync, edit, share and control their files from any of their devices and provides unified access to content in SharePoint, file shares, cloud storage services and Enterprise Content Management Systems (ECMs). WatchDox is available for Mac OS X, Windows PC, Android, iOS and BlackBerry 10 devices.

WatchDox by BlackBerry Email Protector and WatchDox for Salesforce are available as of today, while the enhanced Outlook plug-in is launching in the upcoming weeks.