BenQ launches Eye Care monitor series in India

BenQ brings in a slew of  

BenQ has announced the official launch of their Eye Care Series of monitors. BenQ has introduced its EW40 series MHL monitors: the 24” EW2440 and the 27” EW2740 with Low Blue Light and Flicker Free Technologies.

With this launch, BenQ has eliminated flicker from their monitors and has included different modes which cut glare and significantly reduce blue LED light emissions which have shown to be detrimental to the eye.  

The key feature of the new EW series monitors is the MHL connection, which ensures streaming of digital content from any MHL-equipped Android smart device. This allows users to browse websites, watch videos, play games and review documents on a full 24” or 27” screen without the need of a personal computer or laptop.

These new monitors are free of flickering backlight regardless of brightness levels, effectively relieving eye fatigue and headaches. Users may also use different low blue light modes to reduce harmful blue light emission significantly and prevent macular degeneration, including the Multimedia Mode, Web Surfing Mode, Office Mode and Reading Mode.

Rajeev Singh, Country Head, BenQ India, said, "It is our eye-care commitment. It is a matter of ‘eyegonomics’ which makes our range superior in terms of eye comfort and general optical health." The complete range of Eye care monitors consist of EW2440L, EW2740L, GW2760HS, VL2040AZ   for home and entertainment purposes. These are priced at Rs.18,000/-, Rs.25,000/-, Rs.21,000/- and Rs.6,900/-, respectively.