The Game Plan

The Indian environment is evolving in many ways – transitioning from small towns to new cities, many new start-ups and large growth of SMBs. There are two million SMB customers who are driving job creation and spurring on technology innovation. Polycom’s key achievements in India have been to grow the video-collaboration market by creating competitive solutions that continue to cater to the emerging trends in the market and continue on the same route in terms of developing future-ready solutions.
The latest product category in the collaboration technology space is now officially available, which is called the Polycom RealPresence Centro. It is said to be the industry’s first solution purpose-built to put people into the centre of collaboration.

RealPresence Centro – Establishing a New Dimension

polycom-brandbookPolycom’s USP is to offer easy-to-use, interoperable video solutions that are backward and forward compatible and deliver the best Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). The RealPresence Centro solution introduces a brand new paradigm for group conferencing that drives deep engagement and highly productive meetings by bringing people to the centre of collaboration. The RealPresence Centro solution keys on the instinctive human behaviour to gather in a circle to work together in a more natural way. Research indicates that when people gather in the round, they are more collaborative and productive and the RealPresence Centro solution is the first to do this in such a way that all members of the video collaboration – both near and far end participants – have an equal and immersive experience. Moreover, the RealPresence Centro system anticipates the needs of its users, displaying exactly who and what you need to see at all times. The four brilliant touch-screen displays and intuitive interface allow for an easy touch-to-join experience and installation is as easy as plug-and-play.

The workplace is evolving and technologies that allow us to work naturally will have a dramatic impact on increasing productivity and for the first time in the industry, inspire creativity. RealPresence Centro transforms meeting experiences and outcomes, and is the first and only collaboration experience that draws participants into the centre of the discussion through a human-centred design.

NCI Agency, a division of NATO, was the first to deploy RealPresence Centro to elevate its “new ways of working” programme. Initially deployed as a demo unit, the RealPresence Centro experience proved so compelling that the system has been put into a fully operational status on NATO’s Restricted Network, a highly protected and secure network within NATO’s infrastructure and is at the centre of NATO’s most important communications.

Polycom’s introduction of RealPresence Centro is poised to fundamentally change the way teams collaborate via video and represents a perfect solution for the digital economy. By shifting emphasis from the individual to a team-centric approach, RealPresence Centro has “democratized” collaboration by delivering an entirely new level of interaction and productivity.